The story behind my wall installations

I originated a shape-combining, “constellation” style of wall art installation in 2010 where round artwork of varying sizes are combined to make elegant patterns. In 2006, I was inspired to experiment with creating round artwork by the wonderful late artist Diane Hause, who invited artists to exhibit work on recycled compact disks at her gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. I developed my wall installation style by 2010 and my first signature-style wall installation was exhibited in 2012. Many viewers comment that my organic installations remind them of a constellation. As my work evolved, I began incorporating other shapes such as rectangles and squares, as well. I create imagery in a series and vary my imagery on the installed canvases accordingly. The pattern of canvases can suggest a sequence in time, movement or a feeling.

My installations have been exhibited at Real Gallery, Austin (2012), at UrbanFronts (2013), Southwest Arts Center (2015), the Decatur Arts Alliance (2017), the Aviation Community Cultural Center in Atlanta (2018). In 2020, my wall installation “RISE UP” was selected for ArtFields in South Carolina, recognizing artists of the southeast. The photo is of my work at the Southwest Arts Center, 2015.

One of my dreams is to have my large wall pieces permanently installed at public sites and modern spaces. See more at



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